After discovering the excavation site, our four victims find themselves in a maddening darkness.  What did Leonard Preskett send them to retrieve, and...View Details

After an arduous trek through the jungle, our crew finally reaches the center of the island, the vantage point they have been seeking and a much neede...View Details

Ted finds his father in the most unlikely of places, and as the rest of the crew catches up, they soon find themselves trapped on a mysterious island....View Details

As a massive tremor strikes, our companions desperately work to hold retain control on the book, and ensure Jackson Elias stays alive. Will their path...View Details

The hunt for answers comes back to haunt our companions, and threatens to unravel them one by one. But after some much needed respite, a path is forge...View Details

As the familar face of madness once again finds our companions, they in turn stumble upon a new friend, who guides them from the jaws of darkness. But...View Details

After Ben stares into the impossible, his companions come to terms with each of their inner demons. Will they succeed in the search for answers and un...View Details

After an unexpected meeting, our four victims of fate join together on a shared pact and venture deeper into the depths of the Mauritania. What dark d...View Details

As the mystery of the Mauritania descends upon New York, our two unwitting companions Oliver and Theodore work to figure out the meaning behind the ph...View Details

The Mauritania Mystery

After the Mauritania set sail one last and final time, it was soon discovered a short time after abandoned.  Only three survivors were found in a near...View Details

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